The Drinks

The Cosmos offers customers a variety of drinks

Alcoholic Drinks

Phoenix Cocktail

This drink is served with the shimmery gin in a cocktail glass with a very thin layer of Rum 151 layered on top, and the lemon and elderflower syrup on the side. The drink is then lit on fire and changes from Blue to Purple! - 15,000 gil

Fat Cat Shot

Made with White Coffee liqueur, espresso, foamed moldable froth made from caramel flavoured creamer and caramel mixed with espresso painted onto the cat shaped foam - 15,000 gil

Cosmos and Wander

Cosmos and Wander: A refreshing drink, sure to knock you off your feet. Watermelon vodka infused into a watermelon and kiwi smoothie. It's a boozy smoothy! - 15,000 gil

The Cosmic Moon

The drink inspired by sister venues, The Cosmos and Misaki Moon, brings you a drink to quench your thirst, a drink that mesmerizes you and slowly makes you get lost in time. This drink is made with a variety of ingredients and at the end a Moon shaped ice ball is placed into the drink. Wait and watch for a surprise! -15,000 Gil

Galactic Rose

The drink inspired by venues La Rose Rouge and The Cosmos, bring you a delectable rosey drink! Made with Rose infused vodka, shimmery vodka, and rose water. Then garnished with a rose!
-15,000 gil

Persephone's Kiss

Take a dip into a drink even the goddess Persephone favors. Made with strawberry vodka, Pomegranate juice, dry ice and Chambord. - 15,000 gil

Twisted Screw

This drink is made with a sweet orange puree and vanilla icecream/vodka. Swirled to look like a twister! -10,000gil


The Rift serves only the finest of wines. Send your taste-buds on an exquisite journey with Eorzea's finest wine! - 6,000 gil


The Rift offers the most refreshing cold beer straight from the tap! Our Eorzean beer has been brewed to perfection and tastes like no other! - 6,000 gil

Thirsty for Rum, Vodka, or any other drinks? We have that too! Just ask the bartender! - 10,000gil

Non Alcoholic


Take your mind off with a refreshing blast of ice cold or hot tea! - 4,000 gil


Thirsty for something other than alcohol? Have some water! - Free


Need a kick? Have some Coffee! -5,000 gil